Criminal Justice Bachelor Degrees

With the increasing rate of criminal incidences and security issues, criminal justice is emerging as an important course to be learned and is gaining wide popularity over the years. The recent events of terrorism have generated a rave amongst citizens to gather knowledge about the subjects quite unknown to them, and hence criminal justice has become a really interesting topic to study as of now. Criminal law bachelor’s degree will provide the student a rare chance to understand the laws and regulations enforced to keep the criminal justices at par and also comprehend upon the cj theory, corrections, law enforcements, courts, forensics and paralegals.

A bachelor’s degree in criminal law will also help an individual to gain entry-level jobs or can also make the person eligible for enhanced career options like the corrections, public safety, parole, investigation, juvenile justice, court systems, private protective services, probation and law enforcements.

It is interesting to note that there are a huge number of universities and colleges who are offering the bachelor program in this category and with specialization in specific areas in criminal law. Kaplan University is amongst the top class universities of the country and enjoys a unique position of providing bachelor programs in criminal justice highlighting on eleven varied areas of the subject. The university provides BS programs in Legal studies and a BS programs in Paralegal studies. Everest University Online also provides diverse bachelor degrees in criminal investigation, paralegal studies and homeland security, which gives this great chance to the students to concentrate on their area of interest.

American InterContinental University Online provides an accelerated bachelor program on the subject. Capella University offers BS in Public Safety with specializations including Homeland Security and paralegal education. Strayer University is quite different in its approach of providing degrees based on the tastes of the students like the BS in Criminal Justice with Homeland Security and Emergency Management or Homeland Security Technology as the specialization subjects. Bachelor degree programs in Crime Scene Investigation, Cyber Crime and Juvenile Justice is offered by the South University and is quite popular for its exclusive contribution of different degrees which is based on the needs of the students. Walden University provides an exclusive program known as the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Criminal law and Criminals.

It is important to know that a bachelor’s degree in criminal law will enrich the student with knowledge about the various criminal justice procedures and the knowledge for public safety research and principles. Criminal Justice Bachelor degree programs will put you in front of your career lane and will allow you to be a specialist at your task, displaying professionalism and commitment towards your job.

Criminal Justice – Career Training Online

Learning to be a member of the criminal justice system is available through numerous online training options. Students can find a program at every educational level depending on their career goals. Online schools offer students in depth education that trains them to step into the criminal justice field.

When pursuing a criminal justice career students study the philosophy, science, and ethical procedure of the industry. The interdisciplinary approach of the field teaches students to understand the prevention of crime and the different forms of punishment. Students can complete a degree in criminal justice and enter a variety of careers.

*Undergraduate Study

Earning an associate’s or bachelor’s degree online is the typical educational level gained by professionals. Entry-level positions are obtainable when students complete their education. Online associate’s degree programs last approximately two years and students train to become detectives, police officers, bailiffs, and more. A four-year bachelor’s degree program centers on the entire process of preventing crime and dealing with criminals. More career opportunities open for students that have a bachelor’s degree. Students learn the security practices and standard law enforcement to enter careers in the public sector and government agencies. Curriculum covered inside an undergraduate degree prepares students to be responsible for criminal justice. Courses that foster this acquired skill may include:

  • Deviant Behavior
  • Criminology
  • Penology
  • Law and Ethics

Understanding the issues and concerns that come with these field areas and more allow students to become a part of the profession. Self-defense tactics, firearms safety procedures, and crime investigation practices are some course topics that students can expect to learn. Application of learned skills is used during schooling depending on the career of choice. For example, students wanting to be police officers may be required to find a police station near their home in order to conduct a ride along. Further education is for students wanting to enter management positions.

*Graduate Study

Advanced training can be earned online when students pursue a master’s or doctorate degree. A master’s degree program on average lasts two years and students are trained to take on leadership roles inside their current position or future career. A doctorate degree program is usually reserved for students with many years of criminal justice experience. Online education explores all topics of criminal justice, which allows students to become professors at colleges. Curriculum covered at the graduate degree level may include:

  • Crime Prevention
  • Criminal law
  • Group Psychology
  • Criminal Structure

Many managerial positions are available for students that complete a master’s degree program. Stepping into the classroom as a professor is available to students that wish to teach the field to upcoming professionals.

Students can find an accredited online program for them at any level of education. Accredited schools and colleges are proven to offer students a quality education in their desired field. Agencies like the Distance Education and Training Council ( ) are approved to fully accredit educational career training programs. Becoming a contributing member of the criminal justice field is available when students search out the program needed for their career goal.

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Criminal Justice Associate Degree

The chaos and fear of the 9/11 attack generated a wave of sheer panic amongst all the citizens of U.S. It was not an anticipated incident and the terror and desperation created from it will never be wiped out from our minds. There has been a great upsurge for the criminal law studies in the nation lately. The study of crime, criminals and justice system constitutes the gist of a criminal justice program. This thrilling and satisfying career can be obtained by studying the criminal justice associate degree programs which have been provided by a number of accredited universities and colleges.

Criminal law associate degree leads the students in to a new world of Cops, Courts, and Corrections. An associate degree would help any individual to procure entry-level jobs in paralegal services, court administration, victim services and corrections. An associate degree program in criminal law can also be defined as a stepping stone to other advanced studies in the same field as in the bachelor’s program and finally the law school program.

Associate degree in Criminal Law has been provided by different universities and colleges with a wide-variety of different subjects and topics. Most of the universities and colleges require the applicants to have a GED or High School Diploma in order to enroll for a criminal justice associate program. Liberty University Online is among the top ten online colleges and has been successfully providing a degree of Associate’s in Criminal Justice. The Remington College Online has carefully designed two distinct Associate degree programs in criminal justice. One is an Associate’s in Criminal Justice and the other one is the Associate’s in Paralegal Studies. University of Phoenix online

is widely popular all over the nation as the premier university committed towards the welfare of the students by preparing them for a profession in crime law and provides the Associate of Arts in Criminal Law program for the students. Everest College Online and Everest University Online provide a set of different associate degree programs in criminal law. Both the organizations offer a Criminal Justice Associate’s Degree and also another unique program called the Criminal Investigations Associate’s Degree. Keiser University offers special programs in the field of Criminal law like the Associate’s in Criminal Law, Associate’s in Homeland Security and Associate’s in Paralegal Studies, which mostly covers all the basic areas of the crime justice studies. Many other colleges and universities who also provide different criminal justice associate degrees are the Florida Tech University, Herzing University, Jones College, Kaplan University, Rasmussen College, Westwood College and so on.

Criminal law associate degree programs have become exceptionally famous and have been declared so in October 2007. Increasing hazard to homeland security and enforcement of severe criminal prosecution laws has inundated the number of correction officers and also paralegals and legal researchers. Hence, an associate degree in criminal law has turned in to a wonderful career line and also the first step towards a fine future.

Get A Criminal Justice Degree Online

Public service is the top reason why most people want to pursue a criminal justice degree. Online universities and schools already offer criminal justice courses to students who have at least a high school diploma or GED.

A criminal justice degree online program evolves around the social science which attempts to identify as well as explain criminal behavior patterns. It also analyzes the ability of a society to control both crime and delinquency. It is generally the study of criminals, crime and the criminal justice system.

It teaches students the interdisciplinary approach with a combination of sociology, legal studies, psychology, political science, public administration and forensics science as well as philosophy and urban studies. It focuses on the causes, definitions and on the prevention of crime.

Even though a student can enter this program if he has a high school diploma – the catch is that succeeding in this career requires a specific type of person. You need to be physically and mentally prepared; capable of making sound decisions, especially under pressure; honest with a clean background; compassionate; and most of all, you need to have self restraint as well as self discipline.

A professional working in this field would benefit from having a background in law or law enforcement but these requirements are not absolutely necessary. It is good however for students to find opportunities to participate in internships while studying. This won’t only help them impress potential employers; it will also help them decide if this is a career they really want.

It will also help for students to enhance their computer and foreign language skills.

Many professionals are now seeking this degree for career advancements. Aside from offering flexible schedules to working adults, online classes also provide accessibility to people who are living in remote areas.

A graduate of a criminal justice degree online program may eligible for various positions in both the private and public sectors. Salary will depend on geographic differences, background and experience of a candidate and of course – an employer.

Graduates of criminal justice degree programs can perform various services for the public such as patrolling the streets, identifying suspects, investigating crimes and overseeing the people who have been convicted of crimes. These jobs may sound exciting but many of them can also be stressful and dangerous.

These days, the study of law enforcement and criminal behavior has become more sophisticated. Most of the professionals working in court systems, police forces, correctional facilities and other related agencies have a broad social science background. With the increasing complexity of most regional and state laws, criminal justice professionals are expected to be properly educated before they can perform their duties.

Criminal justice degree online programs have become popular in the recent years due to the increasing concern in crime and crime prevention throughout the nation. With more threats of terrorist attacks and with the high demand for stricter sentencing of convicted felons, there is also an increase on the work load as well as the potential job opportunities for criminal justice degree graduates.

You don’t need a special license to become a criminal justice professional but if you are eying for a job as a federal agent or police officer, the completion of special training and coursework is necessary. Since these trends are expected to last for several years, the need for people that can fill up these positions is also expected to increase.

Criminal Justice Career Education Possibilities

Crime and crime prevention is a large part of society. Today, professionals work in multiple areas in order to properly handle a variety of situations. Students can enter career training at several educational levels to prepare themselves for the field. Through criminal justice career education possibilities students can step into a large number of careers.

The identification and pattern of criminal behavior is explored during training. Programs examine at what level society can manage crime and delinquency. The legal methods used in the United States to solve crimes and work with criminals is explored along with appropriate punishment. Most careers require students to have either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Advanced training is not required unless students desire to step into leadership roles. Inside criminal justice degree programs students typically take in-depth specialization courses that prepare them for their professional goals.

Students that complete an associate’s degree program have multiple career options to choose from. This short, two-year, program teaches students to understand the central areas of the field such as the criminal justice system and American government. Entry-level positions can include:

  • Bailiff
  • Investigator
  • Police Officer

To successfully enter these areas students work through courses that relate directly to constitutional criminal practice, criminology, evidence, and more. In criminal justice schools and colleges that focus on law enforcement, for example, students can expect to learn the regulations and procedures of protecting the general public. Continuing education gives students the ability to specialize in several areas.

The judicial system is heavily examined at the bachelor’s degree level of education. This allows students to apply their knowledge to several career fields when pursuing an education in criminal justice. Depending on the specialization student’s study major topics related to criminal justice, which includes cyber crime, crime scene investigation, and law enforcement. Students can enter the field and become:

  • Drug Enforcement Agents
  • Corrections Officers
  • Police Officers

Through courses in criminal law, the judicial process, and juvenile justice, students learn to understand how to function inside the industry. Students that desire to enter administrative positions or want to gain promotions at work typically pursue graduate training.

Advanced knowledge is obtained inside a master’s degree program as students study sociology, psychology, and business. The root causes of crime are investigated, which often includes learning about the societal, economic, mental, and personal reasons of why individuals commit crime. A large emphasis is placed on researching leadership qualities, criminal investigations, corrections, and courts systems. Career opportunities allow students to become:

  • Professors
  • Law Enforcement Administrators
  • Criminal Justice Consultants

Students that continue education inside doctoral degree programs will explore numerous areas. Criminological theory, public policy, psychology, organizational behavior, and criminal procedure are key categories of study. Forensic evidence training is a popular concentration at this level of education. Students learn to provide a high level of statistical research that professionals use in their jobs.

Students can begin training after they give adequate time to researching their options and choosing degree programs to complete. Start working through an accredited criminal justice program now and enter the field in as little as two years. The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools ( ) approves quality programs for full accreditation which proves their ability to provide the best possible training.

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