Law Enforcement Training – Train to Serve Your City the Right Way

Do you ever wonder what a Law Enforcement Training is all about? If you do, then you do not need look any further. Here’s a detailed insight into the realm of law enforcement training and what it entails

What you gain?

Law Enforcement Training will get you well acquainted with the regulations, laws, acts and other various codes of ethics practiced at the local, state and the federal level. In addition, it will also inform you about the structure of the law enforcement organization as well as their basic standard procedures. Some of the common skills developed during this form of training include investigating criminal procedures, interrogating suspects and analyzing crime scenes. In most programs, you are bound to study at least a few of these courses:

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Procedures and Evidence
  • Introduction to Law Enforcement
  • Ethics in Law Enforcement
  • Victimology
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Correctional Treatment Strategies

If you wish to have a progressive career in this field, i.e. if you plan on becoming a police officer, a private investigator or even a correctional officer, then you must opt for an associate’s degree. This usually takes around two years to complete or sometimes even less. An associate’s degree in law enforcement training provides you with an overview of how the entire criminal justice system operates. This usually focuses on teaching three main areas – the cops, courts and corrections. Having significant insight within these three areas equips and prepares you for an entry level job.

Further studies

You should not stop at an associate’s degree. You can progress your career in the same field by getting a bachelor’s degree as well.

A bachelor’s degree offers you an interdisciplinary study of crime and justice in the society. This allows students to prepare for platforms of leadership and responsibility within the criminal justice community and other related professions. Some of the core courses taught during this level include psychology, juvenile justice and families in crisis codes, traffic codes and first responder reactions.

Getting a bachelor’s degree qualifies you for positions like FBI or DEA agent, a narcotics officer, immigrations officer and even a harbor patrol officer.

In general, it covers two main aspects – theoretical and physical. While the theoretical aspect confines you to classroom training, the physical aspect helps in increasing your physical aptitude and teaches you how to operate different arms and ammunitions and how to deal in a situation of crisis.

Thus, Law Enforcement Training is simply a means to equip you for a career that is aimed towards serving the country and the local public in every way possible.

Criminal Justice Online Courses – Making it Simple

Before we go in to the depth of the subject, it is necessary to understand what is criminal justice. Criminal Justice can be defined as the study of criminal behavior and the system to control the nature of delinquent activities. Of course, the subject is very vast and dense and includes aspects of different dimensions which are to be covered over the course of studies. To make the program available to a great percentage of citizens, criminal degree online courses have been started with the only view that people would be able to study the same at their home at their own time of convenience.

This dense and intense subject of criminal law includes various topics. The most popular specialization subjects offered by different online colleges includes topics of Corrections, criminal law, Justice administration, law enforcement, legal and paralegal studies, crime scene investigation and forensic sciences. Courses in this field are provided at different levels in the associate’s, bachelors and master’s level and certain institutions also provide certificate programs. A deep knowledge of the subject along with a master’s in the same subject with specialization at a specific field will surely help an individual to even be recruited in the finest legal firms like the FBI or the CIA.

The courses provided at different colleges and universities vary but the essence of the subject still remains the same. Kaplan University is determined as the finest universities providing the highest number of degree plans in the subject and the courses provided by them are A.A.S in Criminal Justice/Corrections, M.S. in Criminal Law, B.S. in Criminal Behavior, B.S. in Criminal Justice/Computer Crime, B.S. in criminal law/Law Enforcement, A.A.S in Criminal Justice, & M.S. in Criminal/Global Issues.

University of Phoenix is known all over the nation as the finest online education house and also provides various degrees in criminal justice. American Intercontinental University is popular for its financial grant program which allows students to gain benefit and join the criminal justice online courses like B.S. in Criminal Law: Special Population and B.S. in criminal Law: Forensic Science. Colorado Technical University is also extremely famous as a great online institution which provides unique online courses in criminal law. University of Cincinnati, Everest University Online, Ashford University, Westwood University, Rasmussen College, Liberty University and Argosy University are mentioned in the top-ten list of the best colleges and universities of the nation who are providing such great degrees programs to the masses.

The recent incidents and threats of war and security issues require an in-depth knowledge of the criminal law system to deal with what is actually happening around the world and in the nation. Criminal Justice online courses will surely help the individuals to gain maximum benefit and also to know the legal system of the nation.

Book Review: The Path Of The Law

Title: The Path Of The Law

•Sub-title: Learning, Understanding, and Mastering the Law

•Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

•Publication Date: 2009

•ISBN: 978-1933230-08-5


The thoughtful reader of The Path of the Law will enjoy the sensation of having at his side a guide, philosopher, and teacher who carefully guides him to learning, understanding, and mastering the law. To read and reread this book is to experience taking on from a great teacher some of the things he has learned and to become excited about the subject too.

The Path of the Law presents the conclusions drawn by Holmes after more than 30 years of legal observation, thought, and practice of law. He probably wrote this essay to further discuss what he began in his most famous publication, The Common Law. The Path of The Law was written not as a manual about the practice of law, but a manual to show students how to think like a lawyer; what it means to be a good lawyer; and what it means to have a successful law career.

What Is This Book About?

Obviously, many changes and improvements have taken place in the legal profession and in legal education since Holmes wrote this essay in 1897. But in this book Holmes is not concerned with the practical minute details of learning about the law: “Theory is my subject, not practical details. The modes of teaching have been improved since my time, but ability and industry will master the raw material with any mode. Theory is the most important part of the dogma of the law, as the architect is the most important man who takes part in the building of a house.”

Who Was Holmes?

Holmes was in a position to speak about American law with great authority. After graduating from Harvard with his law degree, he taught law there. He then served for 20 years on the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts. Then he was appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court as an Associate Justice, where he served for 30 years. Despite his fancy titles and very extensive experience, Holmes never talks down to the reader of this book. Holmes’ obvious love of the law and his desire to help others understand this attraction comes through to the reader loud and clear. Holmes uses many easy-to-understand examples throughout the essay to make his point.

The “Bad Man Theory” and “Morality Vs. Law”

The quality and simplicity of Holmes’ writing is reason enough to attract readers – especially law students. His illustrations are obviously chosen from wide experiences and are like vivid pictures flashed on a miniature screen. Everyone’s favorite illustration is usually Holmes’ explanation of his “bad man theory”. Holmes explains “that a bad man has as much reason as a good one for wishing to avoid an encounter with the public force, and therefore you can see the practical importance of the distinction between morality and law”. In other words, a bad man will want to know only what the material consequences of his conduct will be; he will not be motivated by morality or conscience. This example sets the stage for most of the book. Holmes puts a lot of effort into giving examples of the differences between morality and law.

History and Tradition

A large portion of the book discusses the importance of history, or tradition, as an important part of the study of law. Holmes tells us that “The rational study of law is still to a large extent the study of history. History must be a part of the study, because without it we cannot know the precise scope of rules which it is our business to know. It is a part of the rational study, because it is the first step toward an enlightened skepticism, that is, toward a deliberate reconsideration of the worth of those rules.”

Isn’t This Book Outdated?

The hasty reader might assume that this book was written too long ago to be of any practical use to a modern law student or lawyer. But a careful reader will immediately realize that Holmes has much to offer us today. Holmes sums up his entire book in two short paragraphs:

“I take it for granted that no hearer of mine will misinterpret what I have to say as the language of cynicism. The law is the witness and external deposit of our moral life. Its history is the history of the moral development of the race. The practice of it, in spite of popular jests, tends to make good citizens and good men. When I emphasize the difference between law and morals I do so with reference to a single end, that of learning and understanding the law. For that purpose you must definitely master its specific marks, and it is for that I ask you for the moment to imagine yourselves indifferent to other and greater things.”

“If a man goes into law it pays to be a master of it, and to be a master of it means to look straight through all the dramatic incidents and to discern the true basis for prophecy. Therefore, it is well to have an accurate notion of what you mean by law, by a right, by a duty, by malice, intent, and negligence, by ownership, by possession, and so forth.”


Those of you reading this book before entering law school should make an effort to re-read it several times during your law school studies. It is then that you will begin to understand more of The Path of the Law each time you read it, and really begin to understand what Holmes was trying to tell us – at a deeper level – and enjoy his message even more.

Criminal Justice Programs – Solutions For Problem Solvers

Online Criminal Justice Programs have grown in response to the perception of ‘Increasing crime rates’, which is a generalized pattern resulting from the constant barrage of news updates and information conveyed through media about various individuals being a victim of murder or homicide. People had developed feelings of fear among themselves that led institutions to respond to the demands of the society as a whole. Thus, we witness the sudden growth in numbers of law enforcers. In fact, in the recent statistics provided by the job search company, Simply Hired, there is a 14% increase in the number of law enforcement jobs since May of 2008 to November of 2009.

A similar trend is the increase in demand for degree-holding law enforcement professionals; the stimulated demand has lead to the expansion of many criminal justice programs. The general trend of demand for more skilled workers has lead to the expansion of online education as well. Recent statistics showed that over 12 million tertiary students are taking all if not some of their classes online, as stated by David Nagel of Campus Technology. One of the reasons for online education’s popularity nowadays is it allows students to continuously involve themselves with other activities outside academic learning. In fact, according to the Chief Research Officer of the research firm Ambient Insight, Sam S. Adkins, online learners would outnumber students from face-to-face class in 2014.

There’s no other way, online criminal justice programs could suitably conform to the schedule of those adult learners who have other endeavors or even those members of the police force who’d like promotion or higher-level jobs. A law enforcement job is beyond serious. They have to be ready around the clock, always on the go and prepared for any pursuit of crime cases. There’s no time left for other unimportant things. At the present time, a majority of online criminal justice students are also practitioners in the field of protective services. Time would be most favorable for them as they could set their study during spare hours. It complements the demanding work as well as the dynamic schedule associated with law enforcement.

Moreover, according to a new meta-analysis released by U.S. Department of Education in June of 2009, it was revealed that online learning has definite advantages over traditional learning. A study ascertained that students who take their instructions online perform better than those who are enrolled on-campus. (Click here for more info)

Online education also allows students of criminal justice to be technologically advanced, which is a necessary qualification among aspirants of investigative and law enforcement team. The advantage of geography could also be pointed, since one would not spend money for transportation. A student could study in the comforts of their home without being distracted. Furthermore, online education creates a collaborative environment, which is conducive to learning at the same time, allows contribution of different ideas essential in knowledge formation.

One successful online criminal justice degree holder is Jonathon Sharp of Tiffin University. Sharp was only a few classes away from earning his Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree so he decisively pursue this through the aid of online education. He had thought that he would not be able to finish his bachelor’s degree because of the unpredictable schedule of working full-time in law enforcement but through online learning, he was able to earn the post-secondary degree and plans to pursue master’s degree at the same institution.

Michael Kilbane is a 2006 Graduate of Law Enforcement from University of Cincinnati. He enrolled for Online Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice after he realized that having an education would open up career prospects for him. He was promoted to Sergeant afterwards and now looks forward to becoming Chief of Police.

There are various schools and universities offering online criminal justice programs. Online degree holders who had willingly shared the impact of online learning in their lives had convinced vast number of individuals around the globe to try this latest type of education. We are seeing the evolution of distance learning at present and it wouldn’t come as a surprise, as also provided by statistics and research firms, that in the coming years more and more students would enroll online. Criminal Justice Programs is one of the highly-prioritized degree offerings among colleges. Adults who are interested in mitigating crimes, sanctioning violators and maintaining social control as well as belong to one of the most respected profession in any nation across the globe must take a step to put these things in realization. One need not worry of complying with other significant tasks and obligations because online learning would not seize much of your precious time. You could work at your own pace and study collaboratively with other online students. There is no other way; only online education is the way!

Accredited Criminal Justice Degrees

A qualification in criminal justice opens your professional life to a different set of unique opportunities like the homeland security, forensics, paralegal studies, immigration and law enforcement. After the unfortunate incident of 9/11, the urgency to acquire cj degrees and qualifications have tremendously increased. The Crime Justice sector has been rapidly progressing and has created the quickest growing careers in the United States. There are numerous opportunities for a crime justice degree holder who can utilize their skills for solving the latest affairs of the nation like the issues related to law enforcement and security, public safety and immigration. Considering the increasing demand for such courses, there are now available numerous accredited crime justice degrees, which are either online programs or can be studied at campus.

Liberty University which is accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools also referred to as SACS, helps in providing two types of degrees, Associate’s in CJ and Bachelor’s in the same, to the interested individuals of the Southern States. University of Phoenix can be labeled as the pioneer who is providing the maximum number of criminal justice degrees. It is the nation’s largest private university and provides different types of criminal justice education programs like the Associate of Arts in Crime Justice, BS in Crime Justice, B.S. in Organizational Security Management and MS in Administration of Justice and Security.

Kaplan University has been amongst the primary centers of education providing excellent degree programs in paralegal studies and crime justice. This university is considered to be amongst the most respected ones in the nation and offers the maximum number of online degree programs in crime justice. AAS in CJ, AASCJ – Corrections, Law Enforcement, Private Security, and BS in CJ, BSCJ – Law Enforcement, Computer Crime, Corrections, Homeland Security, M.S. in Crime Justice/Law, & M.S. in Criminal Justice/Global Issues in Criminal Justice are some of the important programs being offered from this university.

Virginia College is also famous for its unique CJ programs and has been accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) and provides various associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree online. The different programs provided by this university would include Associate’s Degree in CJ, Paralegal Associate’s Degree, and Bachelor’s Degree in CJ, Master’s in CJ and Master’s in Cyber Security. American Intercontinental University online is also extremely popular thanks to its criminal justice financial aid programs and offers several degree options to the students.

With the growing uncertainty in today’s life with respect to crimes and security, Accredited Criminal Justice Programs are getting extremely popularized, and there is a great need amongst the masses to get educated in such programs and help the nation against criminal injustices.