What Can You Get From Studying Justice Administration?

With all the crimes happening all over the world today, it is important that the victims should get the justice that they deserve. Those who believe that righteousness can still reign usually take up the course called justice administration. There are so many opportunities for you if you are interested to pursue criminal justice including the following:

1. Police or a Parole Officer

2. Special Agent

3. Corrections Officer

4. Social Worker

5. Detective

These are just some of the options that you can have. But of course, you need to have the necessary skills in order to succeed in this vocation. Some of the essential skills include the ability to interpret the laws easily and to study these laws thoroughly. It is also important that you know how to properly gather the data, investigate it carefully and read between the lines as well. Those who would like to engage in criminal justice administration should also know how to operate computers and make the right decisions out of the analyzed data in order to give the accurate conclusion.

In this field of study, one has to acquire proper training and get a certification in criminal justice especially those who would like to work as law enforcers. On the other hand, you can also become a lawyer specializing in the said area if you would choose to complete a 4-year degree program so you can be the defense or the prosecutor of a suspected criminal.

But even though you would undergo the same training as everybody else taking justice administration, always remember that not everyone will have the same beliefs and values. You can still find a wide array of law enforcers who are considered unjust, judges who are very lenient, and also lawyers who are very skilled in their profession.

Criminal Justice and Its Subfields

Criminal justice is the means through which justice can be dispensed by the government and social institutions in order to keep crime and criminal minds under control. Criminal justice as a profession is highly essential in order to keep justice intact in the homeland and ensure peace and harmony. There are various challenges which are faced by the government and various welfare agencies to ensure peace.

The various other subjects which are linked to criminal justice are sociology, psychology, science and communication.

Sociology is a subject which deals with studying people and their behavior.
Psychology is about the way a person thinks, which keeps changing according to his family, society, workplace and community.
Science is the practical and reasoning field which looks at things people and situations critically.
Communication is the means through which a person expresses his feelings, emotions, needs and desires. The importance of communication is increasing with the highly changing nature of the society with the advent of technology.


3 fields in which a person can continue a future career in criminal justice are:

Law enforcement

Forensic science

Homeland security

Future Job prospects

The various job prospects in criminal justice are:

Correctional officer

A correctional officer is the one who looks after the inmates in prison who are awaiting trial or are serving a term. It is a dangerous profession as the correctional officer could face injuries from inmates and the growth rate in this profession is seen at being 5% from 2010.

Courtroom reporter

A reporter who reports on court room proceedings has a lot of say in influencing the media and it is highly essential that he takes vital information along with him to be reported.

Crime scene examiner

The person who investigates, collects evidences, from the scene of crime is the crime scene investigator and he plays a major role in solving a case. A criminal mind and his next move is well understood by a crime scene examiner. His observations help in solving a case.


A detective is a private investigator or a member of the police service who investigates on matters of national importance, historical crimes and those crimes which are not solved easily. A detective helps in law enforcement in a country.


A lawyer is the person who practices law as a solicitor, advocate, counselor, attorney, barrister and helps in dispensing justice. He is the person who solicits for his clients. They are there to ensure that no person is indulging in immoral or unethical activities. A person who is afflicted regarding something unjust done to him approach lawyers to seek for legal help.


A paralegal assistant is the one which assists lawyers in their profession. Paralegal and legal assistants help lawyers in maintaining files, conducting research, organizing documents and so on.

Other careers related to criminal justice are working as a police officer, private investigator, probation officer to name a few.

Criminal justice is becoming highly essential in this fast paced life modern life where the number of crime rates is increasing and the need to dispense justice is increasing. The various careers which are related to criminal justice give an understanding of how these systems ensure peace, solitude and harmony to people.

Campus Based Diploma Programs in Criminal Justice

Over the last few years the degree based programs in criminal justice have pulled the attention of many students of the United States. In recent times the ratio of young students opting for a degree based programs in criminal justice has doubled. In fact, today earning a degree in this field matters a lot then what it used to be few years back. These days, earning a degree in criminal justice is concentrated not just to the field of public safety, but law enforcement as well. Today while some students are earning degree as a springboard for furthering their education in the law, others are seeking to gain employment in different respective fields like detectives, paralegals or investigators. However, among different degree programs, one degree level that has witnessed the highest enrollment of students in recent years has been diploma degree programs in the criminal justice. And, adding to this, the campus based diploma programs in the criminal justice has been the format that has gained enough popularity. In case, you are looking to make a career in criminal justice then here are some of the popular campus based degree programs you can go for:

Diploma in Crime Scene Investigation: A diploma program in criminal investigation is one of the most diploma programs in criminal justice. It is one of its own kinds of program that trains students for being more competent in careers in law enforcement and other different forms of investigations. The curriculum in this discipline primarily includes studies in criminal justice, basics of ethics and psychology, defense strategies, and computer forensics. The key advantage of this program is that being a graduate in this stream, you can easily enter a different range of positions in law enforcement. The career prospects, once you complete the program are very good, due to rising demand for skilled criminal investigators.

Diploma in Court Reporting: Court reporters are professionals whose prime responsibilities revolve around recording the entire procedure that occurs in the courtroom and further provide proof for all decisions reached by the panel of judges. In fact, if you work as a court reporter then you would be responsible for all documentation handled during the trial. Now the campus based diploma program is ideally meant for individuals like you to train and upgrade your skills that are vital to work in law firms and government agencies. Generally, diploma programs in court reporting take one year to finish. However, at times this depends on the selection of school. Adding to this, having earned a diploma in court reporting you can easily earn between $30,000 and $50,000 annually. Though, this can vary depending on the nature of work, whether you are working as a freelance or salaried position.

Diploma in Legal Secretary: This diploma campus based program of legal secretary is not a pre-law course. In fact, it is a learning of law and its applications to day to day life. The key feature that makes this program unique is it helps students understand laws and policies that generally influence businesses or people. Apart from this, the coursework within this field primarily includes studies in the basics of the legal system, law, law writing, business ethics and liability, and its politics. A legal secretary diploma program can help you understand the process required to perform secretarial duties for a law firm.

Diploma in Paralegal or Legal Assistant: The primary task of a legal assistant is to investigate the facts of a given case. Working as a legal or paralegal assistant, you may be required to perform research and recognize suitable laws, legal articles, and other materials that your employing lawyer or law team might find helpful. Now in a diploma program of paralegal or legal assistant, you get the chance to learn the basic skills required in the profession. The program trains and makes you proficient in interviewing, and gain an understanding of the role of the legal assistant. Also, the program even trains you regarding the procedures that you generally require to apply to court applications, making bills, and small claims procedures.

In present scenario, around two million people are working in different fields of criminal justice after completing there diploma programs. If you are too looking forward to making a career in this industry then above mentioned programs are some of the most important diploma campus based programs that you can opt.